VBU Courses Offered

Updated on: Feb 19, 2013

Vinoba Bhave University, Jharkhand, came into existence as a teaching-cum-affiliating state university on the 17th of September, 1992, after the bifurcation of Ranchi University. It is headquartered at Hazaribag in Jharkhand.

VBU List of Courses

  • Anthropology
    B. A. (Hons)-Anthropology

  • Arts
    M. A.-Arts

  • Botany
    B. Sc. ( hons.)-Botany

  • Chemistry
    B. Sc. ( hons.)-Chemistry

  • Commerce
    B. C. S.-Rural Economics & Cooperation
    B. Com. (Hons.)-Advanced Accounts & Auditing
    B. Com. (Hons.)-Advanced Currency
    B. Com. (Hons.)-Co-operation
    B. Com. (Hons.)-English
    B. Com. (Hons.)-Industrial Problems
    B. Com. (Hons.)-Trade & Transport
    M. Com.-Commerce

  • Economics
    B. A. (Hons)-Economics
    B. A. (Hons)-Rural Economics & Cooperation
    B. A. (Hons)-Sociology

  • Engineering
    B. Sc.-Engineering
    M. Sc.-Engineering

  • English Language and Literature
    B. A. (Hons)-English

  • Geography
    B. A. (Hons)-Geography

  • History
    B. A. (Hons)-History

  • Home Science
    B. A. (Hons)-Home Science

  • Law
    L. L. B.-Law

  • Mathematics
    B. A. (Hons)-Mathematics

  • Music & Dance
    B. A. (Hons)-Music

  • Philosophy
    B. A. (Hons)-Philosophy

  • Physics
    B. Sc. ( hons.)-Physics

  • Political Science
    B. A. (Hons)-Political Science

  • Zoology
    B. Sc. ( hons.)-Zoology
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